17 Distinctive SEO Tips for Web Developers (Proven Strategies)

16 Aug 2020By JB Solution

Website developers are required to create high-performance websites. So, many technical skills are required to implement SEO. With the SEO checklist, it becomes quite easy to stay ahead of the competition. The list takes care of various things such as structured data, speed optimization, HTML improvements, and other tasks.

Distinctive SEO tips for web developers:

  1. Install Google Analytics : You will get this as a free tool. It will give you the required information about the number of visits to the site and their interaction. After installing, sign up and paste tracking code on the website.
  2. Install Yoast SEO : Yoast SEO can be installed as it is a free plugin. It helps you to create the sitemaps, apply noindex attributes, and optimize metadata. It will make the technical SEO audit quite easy. If your website is not based on WordPress, then you can search in Google for the same plugin.
  3. Google search console set up : Google Search Console is a robust tool for webmasters. It helps to monitor the performance and see the high-ranking keywords.
  4. Create a site map : These sitemaps guide the search engines to locate relevant content on the site. You can either use Yoast or some similar sitemap creators after searching on Google. This will help to make your website searchable. During the time of the live launch, the robots and site map files must be formatted appropriately. It will make a technical SEO audit effective.
  5. Use primary keyword : The web pages must have at least one primary keyword. You can search for the primary keyword with the Google keyword planner or any other tool available online. The primary keyword will help to improve the website visibility in search engine.
  6. On-page SEO: Use descriptive and short URLs: It is reported that the pages having small URLs have a better ranking. The URLs must give an idea about the website when they visit the page. The URL must make things clear that what the content on the page is. The URL also consists of the target keyword.
  7. Compelling description and title tag : The description and title tag must be added on the web pages or website. The meta description and title tag must be SEO-friendly. You can also discuss with SEO expert in finalizing these tags.
    The essential thing in the SEO checklist is to add a target keyword in the Meta description and title tag. You must write the meta description and title tag to enhance the traffic to the site. The meta title and description will help to increase the leads to the website.
  8. Optimizing Heading Tags : With standards set by w3schools, there are 6 types of heading can be used as H1 to H6. H1 with highest priority and H6 with least. Optimizing these headings are important as search engines used to index the content accordingly.
    So keywords used in heading tags promotes better ranking of the web page for the particular keywords.
  9. Recognize and fix crawl errors : If the website has crawl errors, then Google will find it difficult to view the content and index it. If website is not indexed by Google crawlers, then they would not be able to rank it. So, you must sort the issues as soon as possible.
  10. Your website must load faster : Page speed is an essential part of the SEO process. There is a direct link between high ranking and fast-loading pages. If the page is easy to load then the customer will find it easy to check the website. If the pages are not loading faster than the customer lose interest in the website.
  11. Fix broken outbound links : Through broken links website visitors may land in a 404 page which is not an ideal behavior by Google. There shouldn’t be any broken links on the website. So, you must fix the broken links as soon as possible. The broken links will not allow the website to come on the first page of Google.
  12. Responsive website : Another essential SEO tips for web developers is that the website must be responsive. Different individuals use different devices like mobile, tablet, desktop or computer to check the websites. The responsive website is easy to navigate and scroll.
  13. Sort duplicate content errors : The duplicate content is when there are two or more identical pages on the website. You can fix these issues quickly. The duplicate content errors can penalize the sites.
  14. Replicate competitor’s link : You can increase website backlinks by replicating competitor’ website backlinks. Higher is the number of quality backlinks better is the website ranking.
  15. Authenticate code against W3C : Authenticating code against W3C is one of the best SEO techniques. The procedures make sure that the system can be searched and follow the rules.
  16. Link internally for indexing and crawling : The website must be internally connected to support the structure of the website. This will increase the crawling and indexing rates.
  17. Adding Robots.txt file in website : Robots.txt is an essential file to add in website as this file tells search engines which pages of website to crawl and which pages to not crawl.
  18. Manage structured data : Structured data helps search engines to understand content in website in a better way. It comes with many advantages like Knowledge graph and Carousels and more
  19. Alt Tags : Search engines can read text but they cannot read images unless and until we are using ALT Tags for images. ALT Tag tells search engine that what the image is about. Also sometimes websites don’t load successfully, in that case ALT tags helps recognizing images.

So web developers need to optimize all ALT tags of a website with targeted keywords for improved ranking.

Developing websites is a challenging affair. Above SEO tips for web developers is a must if you want to optimize the website for ranking along with design and development.

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Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoonist